About Lazyday

Lazyday represents a fresh new way of looking at clean yet crumpled laundry.

Be it a stubborn crease, hard-to-reach spots, the fear of damaging a fabric or time constraint; leave your ironing woes at your doorstep and we’ll pick it up.

Our team of trained professionals and seamless customer care, will make sure that when you put your best foot forward and are ready to face the world, your clothes are as crisp and smooth as you are.

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Some fabrics can be tough and achieving a wrinkle-free look with them can be tricky. At Lazyday, our team has a complete understanding of fabrics and what suits each fabric type. They let out the right amount of steam to bring back happy, fresh clothes to your doorstep.

2 hour delivery*
Starting @ Rs
10 /Piece

Our trained professionals have mastered the technique of achieving a sharp yet a soft and well groomed look for your clothes. We understand your clothes’ requirements just like we understand yours. Sit back and relax while we pick, press and deliver a hassle free ironing experience.

2 hour delivery*
Starting @ Rs
7 /Piece

Pricing Details

Our prices don’t burn holes in pockets.

S.no Product Name Price (INR) Product For
1 Shirt 7 unisex
2 T - Shirt 7 unisex
3 Jeans 9 unisex
4 Trousers 9 unisex
5 Kids clothing 5 unisex

*Steam press would cost 75% more than that of Normal press View All